Brown Dog Farm
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After years of searching, looking at farms and property all over SE Wisconsin, we finally found it. Nestled in the hills of Sugar Creek WI we came across the property we fell in love with. A working sheep farm with a history, a pond, rolling topography, a few interesting outbuildings, a big barn and room to grow the things we love; family, plants, animals and Art.  Welcome to Brown Dog Farm. This is the place where Rachel Catlett and Ed Hicks call home and where we work, play and create things with our hands. I am Rachel, grass farmer, painter, print maker, gardener, mom, cook, shepherd, horse wrangler and animal lover. You can find out more about me and my work in the Brown Dog Studio.  I am married to Ed, carpenter, father, builder, wood worker, artist, lover of brown dogs, fixer of all things mechanical, music man, and brew-master. He can be found in the  Brown Dog Workshop.




Sometimes life works in strange ways to bring you what your heart has always longed for. This is that place for us. We are starting out on a great adventure. Fixing up an old house and barns, learning to be good stewards of a beautiful piece of land and creating a warm and inviting place for our family and the beasts we care for. Our farm is named after our three Chocolate Labs, Cody, Raleigh and Maxwell. Raleigh's portrait graces our farm sign and our business name. I think these dogs remind us that nurturing and caring for those we love, give us the inspiration to continue to learn and pursue our creative endeavors. To make things with our hands, and share them with others.

Come on in. Check out our Farm blog, see what we do and linger awhile...



“Farmers must tend farms that they know and love, farms small enough to know and love, using tools and methods they know and love, in the company of neighbors they know and love.”

— Wendell Berry


Brown Dog Farm N5293 Kennel Rd Elkhorn WI 53121